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How to update uploaded file with new content

Sometimes you might need to rewrite a file on the server (e.g. statistics offloading every x weeks/days/hours/...). In this case, just path the "rewrite: 1" header on first upload:

curl --data-binary @data.csv -H "rewrite: 1"

When uploaded you'll see the instructions for rewriting this file:

Uploaded 1 file, 1119 bytes


  To rewrite this file, use the following command:
  curl "" -H "rewrite: 1" --data-binary @data.csv

So to rewrite the uploaded file, just use it's full path (with a key in it):

curl "" -H "rewrite: 1" --data-binary @data.csv

You can now fetch data from this file to different sources. You can also append content to a file instead of overwriting it.

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